Fast For It

Jun 5, 2022    Dr. Delman Coates
Fasting is one of the weapons God has given us to engage in spiritual warfare whenever the enemy tries to defeat us, discourage us, or deter us. Fasting is one means of tapping into power from on high, to deal with and confront obstacles, hurdles, hindrances, and trials down here below. Why is fasting important? Because you are showing God He is worth giving something up for. God wants to see you “put your money where your mouth is.” But in this case, it is not your money, rather it is something of value to you, something that you rely on or consistently do, and He wants you to give it up and give it to Him. There are so many great benefits to fasting that we will talk about in this message. But the most important thing to remember is that if you want to have access to a spiritual power unlike any other, fast for it!