Becoming A Church Of Power Through Prayer

Dec 26, 2021    Dr. Delman Coates
Fifty-six years ago on February 1, 1965, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. led more than 250 activists to the Dallas County Courthouse to register to vote. Despite their peaceful protesting, their collective demonstration of democracy was abruptly halted, and they were arrested. Being arrested was nothing new; it often happened during the civil rights movement. Yet, what made this day and these arrests worthy of history was a photograph taken immediately before protest and subsequent arrest. A picture was taken of Dr. King, kneeling in prayer as others followed suit. Years later a historian interviewing one of the people there, and asked about the photo, wondering whether or not that was a pivotal point in the movement for them. The person replied "the photo was the first time someone captured us praying, but not the first time we prayed. Prayer was a part of our normal routine. It’s what we did before, during, and after we marched.” You see, prayer helps us harness the power of the Holy Spirit, so if we want to become a powerful Church, we need to prioritize prayer.