Choose Hope

Mar 5, 2023    Dr. Delman Coates

You’ve probably heard the phrase, “Don’t get your hopes up too high.” The point of the expression is to discourage people from becoming too confident in a particular outcome or else they run the risk of being very disappointed should things not turn out the way they thought they would. And while the expression means well, the problem is that it derives us of that which is the lifeblood of life and living. For without hope, we lose our reason for being. Hope is to life what oxygen is to breathing. You can’t make it without it. As believers, I want to remind you that the God we serve is a God of hope. His Word contains one admonition after another encouraging people in the face of loss that even if they lose everything around them, they must hold on to their hope. So with that in mind, I want us to look at three truths surrounding hope that we can hold onto when life starts to feel hopeless.