Don't Swing At A Bad Pitch

May 1, 2022    Dr. Delman Coates

As Abram and Sarai wait for the Lord to answer their prayers for a child, they instead decide to come up with their own plan. Sarai suggests that Abram sleep with her slave, Hagar. Sarai and Abram are not patient in waiting for the right pitch (God’s pitch). Instead, they swing at a bad pitch (their own idea) in hopes of getting the same result. Have you ever found yourself swinging at a bad pitch? Have you ever prayed and asked God to give you something. Maybe you felt like He did not answer it, so you came up with your own plan. No matter what the situation, let me encourage you to never get ahead of God. The right pitch will come, but you must be patient and wait. So let’s look at a few things we should consider if we want to avoid swinging at a bad pitch.