This Is The Start Of Something Big

May 21, 2023    Dr. Delman Coates

In our text, we are looking at the end of the story of Elijah’s great showdown at Mount Carmel with the prophets of Baal. Baal was the Canaanite God of rain who had miserably, publicly, and embarrassingly failed to come through by creating rain. Yahweh, on the other hand, the true and living God, came through on Elijah’s behalf and exceeded all expectations. He set the altar on fire even though Elijah drenched the altar with water leaving no doubt in the minds of people that God did this. Elijah prayed, and God opened the portals of heaven, and it began to rain! It happened because God had the power, and Elijah possessed the faith. And the good news is that the same can happen for you. I don’t know what obstacles or adversaries you’re facing, but if you pray by faith, a door that has been shut can be opened, and a way that has been blocked can be cleared. I do not know how. I do not know when, but I do know who. God’s going to do something great, something big, something phenomenal, something major. And we’re going to see specifically how that can happen by diving into Elijah’s story and seeing what steps He took that we can apply to our own lives.