Treating My Triggers

Jun 19, 2022    Dr. Delman Coates

Have you ever wondered, where does help come from when tragedy strikes or when trauma torments their lives? And what about when disappointment, pain, and heartache linger in the heart, the mind, and the soul and cause one to be perpetually sad? You might be reading this and nodding your head right now because you have fallen emotionally and can’t get up. You are held hostage by the wounds and the injuries inflicted upon you in the past, perhaps the incident is months, years, or maybe even decades old. Yet the anguish and the emotional turmoil you’re feeling can feel as fresh as if it all happened this morning. Being a child of God does not make you immune to heartbreak and hard times. Troubles will come your way. But as a believer, every child of God should rejoice. There is a way to treat your triggers and overcome your obstacles, and it all starts with Jesus.