Don't Miss The Signs

Jun 27, 2021    Dr. Delman Coates
In our text we learned last week about a smart, beautiful sister, with a relationship with God who ended up in a relationship with a fool. Her name is Abigail, and his name is Nabal which in the Hebrew means fool. And the truth is that good people, Godly people, can find themselves trapped in relationships with foolish people; with people who aggravate them, irritate them, and frustrate them. Whether it’s a close friendship or a marriage, or a bond with a colleague or family member, relationships that are rooted in confusion, drama, and immaturity can cause your more problems than bring you peace. This couple ended up entangled because as we learned last week they got in a relationship for the wrong reason. But today I want to suggest that they got entangled because Abigail missed the warning signs, and we’re going to look closely at those warning signs and figure out how not to overlook them in our own relationships.