How to Keep Looking Up When You are Feeling Down

Apr 30, 2023    Dr. Delman Coates

Life has a way of dealing us one difficult blow after another. And when we feel down, it is not unusual to find ourselves looking down. We look down by falling into despair. We look down by worrying about the future. We look down by contemplating giving up and throwing in the towel, not just on the problem, but for some, on life altogether. But we don’t have to keep looking down. Instead, we can choose to keep looking up. For if we continue to up, we are refusing to let what we’re going through get to us. No matter how bad things appear at the moment, and no matter how painful your reality is, your outlook can impact your outcome. So in this message, I want us to take a look at three things we can do to keep looking up when we’re feeling down.