Strengthening Your Achilles

Jan 30, 2022    Dr. Delman Coates
As I read today’s key text, I wonder why the writer of this text would duplicate such a shameful incident from Abraham’s life? Why tell us again about this moral flaw and ethical vulnerability in the character profile of such a great man of God? Why tell us that? What are we to gain from reading about his moral weakness again? Why not tell us about his riches, his wealth, his possessions, his success, and great faith? Why not tell us about his worship life, the people he has helped, the progress he is making? Why remind us about this again? And I think it’s because God wants us to understand what it is that makes for true spiritual success; that spiritual success does not mean we are morally perfect and have no flaws. It means that we are able to rely on God in the midst of our weaknesses and have a posture of humility as we grow in our relationship with Him.