It's Turning Around For Me

Mar 26, 2023    Dr. Delman Coates

Nobody likes to wait. We live in a society that centers around instant gratification. So when we have to wait for something for any length of time, our reaction usually isn’t positive. However, if we’re waiting for something we really want, our perspective on the wait seems to change. In other words, when the object of your waiting is deemed valuable, you don’t mind waiting because you tell yourself, “It’s worth the wait.” That is exactly why it is so important that we wait on God. What God wants to give you is more valuable than the things you are accustomed to waiting on. Yet, for some reason, we struggle to wait on the Lord. If you’re currently struggling with waiting on the Lord, this message is for you, as we will look at the story of Anna, someone who was determined to wait on the Lord because what she was waiting for was most valuable.