A Prayer That Moves God

Jun 26, 2022    Dr. Delman Coates

In today’s key passage of Genesis 18 we see not just the significance of Abraham’s promise, but also the strength of Abraham’s prayer. Of the 650 prayers recorded in the Bible, there can be no question that this specific prayer stands in a category all by itself. It is a dialogue between a desperate man and a determined God concerning the fate of a community that departed from God’s will and God’s way. It is a marvelous picture of what happens when believers go to God in prayer. In it, Abraham makes audacious appeal to God to save his family, and he models for us what happens when you walk with God in faith and live in His power. Abraham had access to the throne room of heaven to ask what he wanted of God, in prayer. So in today’s message, we are going to learn how we can follow Abraham’s example in our own prayer life and see God move as we pray to Him.