You Have A Destination

“Be very careful, then, how you live— not as unwise but as wise, making the most of every opportunity, because the days are evil.” – Ephesians 5:15-16 

Yesterday we talked about walking with a purpose and not sleepwalking through life. When you walk with a purpose, you are doing so because you have somewhere to be. You have a destination. This is walking, guided by the Spirit rather than by your own impulses. There are typically two ways to get to a destination. One way is to look at the map and try to figure it out yourself. The other is to have someone drive you who already knows where they are going. 

Jesus said in John 16:13 that when the Spirit comes, He’ll lead and guide you into all truth. Too many of us waste time in life because instead of following the way of wisdom and a path of purpose, we follow the way of the flesh. We choose someone based upon appearance rather than anointing, or money rather than character. The Holy Spirit in our lives helps us to make the wise choices Paul is talking about rather than going along with our own desires and our own plans. 

In yielding to the Holy Spirit, we are given discernment and are kept from living without standards, wasting our time on trial things, and compromising our dreams for people, places, and things that are beneath our potential. In today’s key Scripture passage, Paul believes that Jesus was soon to come, and he did not want to be found wasting his time on anything that distracted him or took him away from the path and assignment God had him on. 

To be a light shiner, we cannot be a time waster. We must remember that as believers, we have a destination. One day you will come face to face with the God who created you. Will you be able to meet Him, knowing you did everything you could to reach the destination He designed for you? Are you on the path to that destination now? Don’t go through life just walking aimlessly. Instead, seek God and allow Him to show you where He wants to lead you.  

Then, as Paul says, be wise and make the most of every opportunity. Make sure you are spending your time on the right path! 

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