The Impact of One Day

“Walk in wisdom toward outsiders, making the best use of the time.” – Colossians 4:5

In 2003, Time Magazine published a series of stories entitled “80 Days That Changed the World.” This series featured photos and editorials from renowned journalists who either lived through or researched what Time regarded as the most important 80 days of the 20th century. The highlighted events were world-changing, paradigm-shifting, and awe-inspiring.

The series profiled days like March 4, 1933, when nearly a quarter of the American labor force was out of work, leading President Franklin Roosevelt to launch the New Deal; August 9, 1936, when Jesse Owens won four gold medals and set three world records at the Olympic Games; April 4, 1968, when Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated; and September 11, 2001, when four coordinated terrorist attacks were carried out by al-Qaeda. The impact that one day can have!

I am sure when the Romans crucified Jesus on the Cross, they had no idea the impact that one event would have on history. Jesus’ resurrection brought Christianity and salvation to regions that previously worshiped man-made gods, and the Roman Empire, once a large entity, fragmented into smaller entities.

Oftentimes, we don’t recognize the impact that one day can make. God calls us to be good stewards of our time; one day has the power to change someone’s life for better or for worse. Think about how you spend your days. Do you spend them helping to encourage and build others up, or are you judgmental and critical of others?

Time is precious, and just like those aforementioned events changed the course of history, your actions have the power to influence history as well. It is up to you how you plan to spend that time and what impact you will make.

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