It’s Going To Take More Than That

In this week’s text, we read a rather fascinating narrative about a woman named Abigail who is married to a man named Nabal. In one sense, it seems as if she has so much going on for her. She is described as smart, and attractive, and when one reads the entire chapter, it appears that she has good wisdom and great communication skills. The problem is that despite everything she has going on for her, she is linked up with a man who is not good for her. She spends all of her energy and her time trying to help a man, and love a man, and protect a man from destroying himself, but he is so immoral, unspiritual, and devoid of character that he is willing to harm himself, and everyone else in the process. In fact, his name, Nabal, translates to “fool.” And there’s nothing worse in life than being linked up and in relationship with a fool. The question is how can we avoid this situation? How can we keep from finding ourselves in relationship with people who don’t share our morals and convictions, are emotionally unhealthy and unstable? What can keep us from dating or marrying a fool? Those are the questions we are going to answer in this message.

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