How to Deal With a Troubled Heart

The heart is so central to the body, so significant for our health, that failure to care for, maintain, and protect the heart results in 17 million Americans dying each year from heart related diseases. But as central as our heart is to our physical well-being, it is of even greater importance to our spiritual well-being. When the heart experiences shock and sadness, troubles and trauma, hurt and heartache, it can weigh us down, and if left untreated, can literally tear us apart. It is no wonder that in one of Jesus’ last earthly conversations with His disciples, Jesus spoke to them about caring for the heart. He warned them not to allow the negative circumstances around you or the things have agitated or frustrated you to create conflict and tension within you. Because if you leave those things unattended in your heart, it can cause major problems. In light of that, here are three things you can do to overcome a troubled heart.

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