Choose Freedom

“It is for freedom that Christ as set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery.” – Galatians 5:1 

The apostle Paul knew a lot about what it was like to be in prison. During his second missionary journey, he was arrested and imprisoned in Philippi. He was set free by an earthquake that freed him and Silas. After his third missionary journey, he was imprisoned once again when the Romans accused him of breaking the law and causing a riot. He was arrested a third time and awaited trial until he was martyred.  

Paul spent five and a half years in jail, and he used that experience to compare what life was like, and what life is like when you are living without God. Without Christ, you are trapped by Satan, imprisoned by the world, and chained to the passions that lead you on a path of unfulfillment and destruction.  

Paul tells the believers that once you’ve been set free from the yoke and bondage of sin, don’t allow yourself to go back; don’t allow yourself to be chained and shackled by the very thing that used to hold you down.  

Do you identify with the imprisonment Paul is talking about here? Many of us have never been to actual prison, yet we live in a prison every single day, trapped by sin. We’re living for, and giving in to, the desires of this world—desires that promise so much yet deliver so little. God creates rules for freedom, not bondage. He wants us to avoid the trappings that we don’t see up ahead on our path. 

Have you ever asked yourself, what would my life look like if I could just stop doing ______? Or where would I be if I quit giving into that temptation? God wants you to submit that sin to Him. He wants to free you today. It’s the very reason Jesus died on the cross! You can be free from all of it today! Will you choose freedom? 

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